Manuscript Submissions

Cherokee McGhee publishes adult fiction that takes readers on a journey.

Places, people, and plots that are extraordinary capture our attention.

Please do not submit the "next Harry Potter" or the "next Grisham" or the next manuscript that is modeled after a best seller.

We're looking for originality, fast paced plots, and fascinating characters that have the potential to find a new audience and to create its own following.



We are closed for queries for the next few weeks while we evaluate the backlog of submissions.

Before submitting a query, please take a look at our current titles to determine if we are the right fit for your manuscript.


To query, please e-mail a short query letter (with "Query" in the subject line), a synopsis and the first 50 or so pages (all in the body of the e-mail). Attachments will not be opened.

The query letter, synopsis, and first 50 pages are required for us to make a decision if we want to read more. If you don't have those basic elements, please don't query until you do.

We keep a full workload and all queries are read carefully, so response time may be as fast as a couple of days or as long as three weeks. We will respond.

We know all the hard work you put into creating your novel. We appreciate it and are excited to see what you have done.



  • Your manuscript should be between 55,000 - 90,000 words for consideration.
  • Only original, unpublished manuscripts should be submitted. Self-publishing (including services such as Smashwords or CreateSpace) or subsidy publishing a manuscript in paper or eBook format is considered a published book.
  • Please list your previous publications and/or awards & honors.



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