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Book 1: Revenge of the Gypsy Queen

Book 2: Dem Bones' Revenge

Book 3: Revenge for Old Times' Sake

Book 4: Revenge on Route 66


Meet Tracy Eaton, mystery writer, detective wannabe, and the offspring of reality-challenged Hollywood stars. Trouble always knows how to find Tracy, but she never expects it to pop up at her sister-in-law's wedding - until the bride is kidnapped.

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Agatha, Anthony and Macavity Award-nominee for Best First Novel



When her snooty in-laws would rather meet the bizarre ransom demand than call the police, Tracy knows if justice is to prevail, it will definitely need her help.

But the whole Eaton clan begins behaving suspiciously. The groom takes to riding around in a gangster's bulletproof limo…the bride's loveable con man uncle disappears under mysterious circumstances…there are also strange doings at the engaged couple's trendy restaurant, The Gypsy Princess, which the world's richest man is obsessed to own.

Even the family legend of the evil Gypsy queen comes under Tracy's scrutiny - is it the childhood fable her sister-in-law claimed it to be, or a dark prediction of things to come?

It will take all of Tracy's innate noisiness and wacky crime-fighting approach to get to the truth. But not even she could have predicted the curious path her debut case would take, or that she'd become the keeper of the Eaton family's most closely guarded secret.

Kris Neri is the author of the Agatha, Anthony, Macavity Award-nominated Tracy Eaton mysteries, Revenge of the Gypsy Queen, Dem Bones' Revenge and the forthcoming Revenge for Old Times' Sake.

She is a two-time Derringer Award winner and a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee for her short fiction. And with her husband, she owns The Well Red Coyote bookstore in Sedona, Arizona.

Readers can reach her through her website,


The Buzz for Revenge of the Gypsy Queen

" ... a hilarious debut mystery... Neri's sleuth offers a sharp eye, a smart mouth, and an irrepressible sense of an intricately plotted, surprise-in-your-face, don't-put-it-down mystery."

- Carolyn Hart, author of the Death on Demand, Henrie O and Billie Ruth Raeburn mysteries


"'I Love Lucy' meets 'Murder She Wrote'... a zany romp that will undoubtedly win her a following of loyal fans."

- Jan Burke, author of The Messenger


"...a wonderfully zany book full of charm and humor, Tracy smart, snappy and likeable and a welcome addition to the ranks of amateur detectives."

- Earlene Fowler, author of Love Mercy


"... a rollicking delight...a cast of characters as colorful as a three-ring circus in a fast-paced plot with as many unexpected drops and corners as a roller coaster.

- Sue Henry, author of Degrees of Separation


"...the contrast between the lively Tracy and her repressed in-laws produces some one-liners that would make Fran Liebowitz proud. A fine first novel."

- Booklist


"...a tale that will captivate readers with sharply drawn characters, continual action, and unlikely circumstances. A real treat."

- Library Journal


"...a delightful romp that begs to be read in one sitting."

- The Mystery Morgue


"... a wonderful debut novel, with an irreverent heroine sure to become a much-loved fixture on the mystery scene."

- Taylor Smith, author of Liar's Market


When the cops catch mystery writer Tracy Eaton's mom, Hollywood legend Martha Collins, alone with the bloody remains of celebrity litigant Vince Sperry - holding nothing but a lame excuse - Tracy leaps to her mother's defense, despite her own publication woes.  


Only Martha seems determined to impede Tracy's attempts to clear her. That just convinces Tracy that her mom has pulled a doozy this time, even if Tracy can't see how anything Martha does relates to Sperry's murder.

Not that other suspects don't abound - but those scare Tracy even more. Was Martha right? Had Tracy's stuffy lawyer husband, Drew, settled his career-making lawsuit with a bullet? Or did her dad, aging Hollywood heartthrob Alec Grainger, decide to end an old feud once and for all?

All roads lead to the past, to one Hollywood scandal after another. Will Tracy's digging clear Martha? Or will she unearth something that's sure to slam the cell door shut on her exasperating, but well-loved, mother?


The Buzz for Dem Bones' Revenge

"Kris Neri has written another winner. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this sly, smart Hollywood roller coaster, which should appeal to mystery and movie buffs alike."

- Laura Lippman, author of Life Sentences


"Tracy Eaton is obviously the secret love child of Lucille Ball and Sam Spade. Murder, mystery, mayhem and madcap -- who could ask for anything more?"

- Gillian Roberts, author of All's Well that Ends


"...I believe Kris Neri and Tracy Eaton will be favorites in the mystery field for quite a long time."

- Mystery News


"...a witty, madcap, screwball comedy of a mystery, told with warmth and charm..."

- Romantic Times


"From page one to the book's closing page, the tight writing and clever use of faux movie scenes as chapter headings lead the reader further into a complex and entertaining story...Writing this good deserves all those award nominations..."

-Maria Lima, author of Matters of the Blood


"...a real page-turner...Neri handles the ironic confusion with impetuous wit and just-to-the-brink hesitations. An enjoyable romp."

- Library Journal


"Fresh, funny, and full of surprises. Dem Bones' Revenge will keep you turning pages, guessing wrong, and having a darn good time."

- Parnell Hall, author of the Puzzle Lady crossword puzzle mysteries


Free-spirited Tracy cheers when her stuffy husband, Drew, loosens up enough to rearrange the nose of his secretive boss, Ian Dragger. But Drew's timing couldn't be worse. When Ian is found floating face down in the Eatons' pool, Drew is the prime suspect.    

Yet Ian made enemies like the mint makes money, and other suspects abound, starting with Ian's wife, who was at odds with her husband's affluent lifestyle, not to mention the rumored affair, and sleazy journalist Nick Wickerson, of "Nick Wick's Sin City" TV fame, whom Ian humiliated in court.

Still, Tracy expects to clear Drew in short order. But that's before help arrives - in the form of her own mother, over-the-top movie actress Martha Collins, and her rigid-with-dignity mother-in-law, Charlotte Eaton. And when the mothers get together, the fireworks go off. Obstacles mount higher still when Drew's ex-flame, attorney CeeCee Payne, deals herself into the game. But CeeCee's peculiar behavior raises too many questions. Does she want Drew back? Or is CeeCee after revenge, since her actions threaten to condemn him to a life behind bars.

When the bodies in the Eaton pool start stacking up like timber in a logging camp, Tracy knows that nothing less than her wildest antics will do. But as the blows keep coming Drew's way, she fears that even her craziness won't be enough to save him.


The Buzz for Revenge for Old Times' Sake

"Vanity, celebrity, murder, and fabulous shoes! REVENGE FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE has all this and more. Kris Neri's cool-under-pressure protagonist and her witty narrative voice are the reasons this series is an award winner. The clever plot twists and vivid characters bring to mind what might result from the unholy coupling of Mel Brooks and Janet Evanovich. But I'll take Tracy Eaton over Stephanie Plum any day of the week."

- Bill Fitzhugh, author of Pest Control and Highway 61 Resurfaced


"Wacky, witty, wise and wonderful. With the show-biz savvy, funny and punny Kris Neri as producer and director, readers will laugh their way through non-stop action, zany characters and a madcap plot worthy of the silver screen. (The secret? This is a smart, solid and well-written mystery--that reveals a lot of heart.)"

- Hank Phillippi Ryan Agatha-winning author of Prime Time


"A witty glimpse at insider Hollywood with a spunky, no-nonsense heroine, the movie-star mother from hell and cast of big egos. A fun and fast-paced read."

- Rhys Bowen, author of Her Royal Spyness, Molly Murphy and Evan Evans mysteries


"... a delightful mystery with a witty, feisty, fresh heroine. Tracy's wildly outrageous family will make you thankful for your own! I found myself laughing out loud. Can't wait for the next one!"

- Deb Baker, author of Ding Dong Dead and Murder Talks Turkey


"Take a hysterical mix of incompatible personalities, unexpected plot twists, unorthodox methods of detection and you have Kris Neri's REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE. Absolutely delightful! The interplay between Tracy and her aging sex goddess mother alone is worth the price of admission."

- Chassie West, author of Killing Kin


"Tracy Eaton's family keeps the 'fun' in 'dysfunctinal' in Kris Neri's bright and breezy REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE. This is Hollywood at its zaniest, as show biz collides head-on with the legal profession."

- Taffy Cannon, Agatha and Macavity-nominated author of Open Season on Lawyers


"Delightful amateur sleuths! Tracy and her mother give Stephanie Plum and Granny a run for their money."

-Troy Cook, Award-winning author of 47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers and The One Minute Assassin






Historic Route 66: With its signs for "New Dead Things," the Biker Bunny Bin, and the Kontiki Pizza and Chinese Restaurant that serves only waffles — it's kitchy, crazy, and fun. How appropriate that it would hold a place of importance to unconventional Tracy Eaton and her dad, aging Hollywood hunk, Alec Grainger.


Their Route 66 adventures always included a stay in Tecos, New Mexico, but their regular stop at Lucy Crier's Lunch Pail Café is now a thing of the past, since Lucy plugged her ex-beau and went to the big house for murder. That's why it's perplexing when Lucy, safely ensconced in her cell, is simultaneously seen dodging traffic along Route 66. Naturally, Alec uses that mystery to lure Tracy and her sweetie Drew back to America's Main Street.

But the road takes a darker turn when Woody Crier, Lucy's smarmy son, turns up dead, and an even stranger bend when the FBI goes gunning for Tracy, calling her one of America's Most Wanted.

She has no choice but to go on the lam, but this time, the Mother Road provides no escape. As the danger escalates, Tracy knows if she can't cut through the web of secrets and lies shrouding her favorite haunts and the pasts of those dearest to her, everything she cherishes could vanish in a Route 66 minute.


The Buzz for Revenge on Route 66

"I loved this trip down Route 66....
... Kris Neri keeps the action rolling with a tight plot, a cast of loveable loonies, and a nostalgic tour of Americana."

-— Elaine Viets, author of Final Sail: A Dead-End Job Mystery


"Kris Neri's Lefty Award nominated Tracy Eaton is back, this time on a wild ride along the famed cross-country road in Revenge on Route 66. Forget the scenery—there are murders to investigate! If you're looking for laughs, hairpin turns, and whiplash plot twists, you won't want to miss this madcap adventure. Buckle up!"

-— Julie Hyzy, New York Times Bestselling author of the White House Chef Mysteries and the Manor House Mystery series


"There's a reason why Kris Neri is a three-time finalist for the Lefty Award – her books are outrageously funny. She's the Carl Hiaasen of the desert. This 4th Tracy Eaton Mystery is a zany trip down Route 66 with characters as bizarre and entertaining as the kitsch the Mother Road is famous for. Neri is a master plotter, weaving together the Eaton family history and Route 66 lore into a murder that will have you guessing to the last page but hoping you don't get there because you don't want it to end. Revenge on Route 66 busted my guffaw meter."

— J. Michael Orenduff, author of The Pot Thief Who Studied D. H. Lawrence


"Kris Neri has done it again! Revenge on Route 66 delivers just as much adventure, unpredictability, and fun as the Mother Road itself. Tracy Eaton's fans will delight in this entertaining trip with enough bumps and kitsch to please the highway's devotees and enough danger and secrets to satisfy mystery enthusiasts everywhere."

— Pari Noskin Taichert, author of The Belen Hitch



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