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Awards for The Grace of Crows
by Tracy Shawn
  • WINNER -- Reader Reviews' Jack Eadon Award for the Best Book in Contemporary Drama

  • 2nd Place -- Reader Reviews' General Fiction/Novel

  • Runner-up -- Great Northwest Book Festival's general fiction category

  • Finalist -- "da Vinci Eye" award for superior cover artwork (Braxton McGhee, designer) from the Eric Hoffer Award committee

The Grace of Crows is the story of Saylor Crawmore, a woman tormented by anxiety. Saylor tries every cure from self-help books and therapy to medication. Nothing has worked. She's desperate for an answer. Along with Saylor's anxiety, she must navigate the ongoing rip current between the troubled generations of her family. Her aging mother's narcissism, her teenage children's compulsions, and her husband's need to pretend everything is okay compound her debilitating fears.

Saylor discovers her childhood friend Billy, homeless and ignored since his teens, and her world begins to shift. This encounter sparks Saylor's journey to gain insight into her strange fears and forge the power to overcome them. Armed with her new awareness, Saylor summons the courage to help her family.

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2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Nominee


"I loved this trip down Route 66. Kris Neri keeps the action rolling with a tight plot, a cast of loveable loonies and a nostalgic tour of Americana."
~ Elaine Viets,
author of Final Sail: A Dead-End Job Mystery

"Kris Neri's Lefty-Award nominated Tracy Eaton is back, this time on a wild ride along the famed cross-country road in REVENGE ON ROUTE 66. Forget the scenery -- there are murders to investigate! If you're looking for laughs, hairpin turns, and whiplash plot twists, you won't want to miss this madcap adventure. Buckle up!"
~ Julie Hyzy,
New York Times Bestselling author of the White House Chef Mysteries and the Manor House Mystery series


Cherokee McGhee


Southern Gothic steeped with Midwestern sensibility stirs the waters of the Tippecanoe River that embraces the town of Horseshoe and its inhabitants. A novel-in-stories, Horseshoe intertwines revenge, regret, murder, adultery, and insanity through the lives of the outwardly ordinary citizenry.

Cherokee McGhee Mystery

"In this new world of detective mysteries that is controlled by initials -- C.S.I. and D.N.A. it is refreshing to meet Detective Gus Churchill who operates in the style of Sam Spade or Nero Wolfe. I could envision Agatha Christie enjoying a cup of tea while reading McAleer’s Fatal Deeds on a rainy day."

-- T.M. Murphy, author of The Belltown Mystery Series

Andrew McAleer, Boston College professor of "The Master Sleuths" course, talks about his task as combat historian during his recent deployment in Afghanistan -- in The Observer at Boston College.

Cherokee McGhee

LOTBS cover

"In Love on the Big Screen, William Torgerson does for movies what Nick Hornby did for music in High Fidelity."

-Greg Downs, winner of the 2006 Flannery O'Connor Award

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Left Coast Crime's

2010 Lefty Award Nominee!

"Vanity, celebrity, murder, and fabulous shoes!

REVENGE FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE has all this and more. Kris Neri's cool-under-pressure protagonist and her witty narrative voice are the reasons this series is an award winner. The clever plot twists and vivid characters bring to mind what might result from the unholy coupling of Mel Brooks and Janet Evanovich. But I'll take Tracy Eaton over Stephanie Plum any day of the week."

- Bill Fitzhugh, author of Pest Control and Highway 61 Resurfaced

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"Sam Spade, Mike Hammer, Travis McGee and Phillip Marlowe: sure, these guys ain't bad when it comes to solving a crime, but what do they know about college basketball?

"In Trent Jones, the hero of WHO KILLED 20G?, Mark Phialas has turned loose a charming Southerner with an occasional knack for gambling, sporadic luck with the ladies, and an inevitable habit of getting hit on the head. Watching him figure out who killed 20G is as good as sweating your way through a triple overtime thriller in which your team wins."

- Will Blythe, author of To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever

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Cherokee McGhee releases Tracy Shawn's The Grace of Crows - October, 2013

Cherokee McGhee releases an anthology celebrating the Chesapeake Bay Writers club's 20th anniversary, Harboring Secrets - September, 2013




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